Cryogenic storage

Bluechiip enabled products delivers confidence that the quality of your cryogenic sample has not been affected by temperature fluctuations.

Bluechiip’s unique and patented technology is designed to operate across a wide temperature range from -196°C to over +100°C, creating the perfect system for managing sensitive samples

Bluechiip Enabled Products are designed to:

  • Perform in cryogenic environments at -196°C
  • Have a unique, hard-coded and tamper proof ID
  • Sense and record temperature
  • Survive ionizing radiation

Bluechiip Advanced sample management software has a fully documented API that can be configured to share data across platforms to ensure your data is easily accessible through any existing LIMS or ERP system.

For more information on Bluechiip enabled products please visit the Sample storage, Readers and Software pages.

How the technology works

Resonating Micro Beams change with Temperature
Each chip is a unique micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) containing multiple beams. Bluechiip tests every chip in LN2 during the manufacturing process.

The beams resonate at different frequencies which are translated to an ID. The frequency of the beams is directly related to the temperature

Billions of unique ID combinations can be captured in this miniaturised chip