Software-as-a-service (SAAS) specimen storage and tracking software

BiobanQ is an affordable biobanking management software for laboratories of all sizes, with a low cost of ownership and no hidden fees.

It is easy-to-use and provides a virtual view of your samples, putting you in complete control of your precious samples. With real-time access to information in a single place, you can access samples, track actions, and prove traceability – all in just a few clicks.Other capabilities of the software include:

Regulatory compliance

Safeguarding the security and privacy of sensitive sample information is essential for a biobank. BiobanQ ensures that your sample management and data storage practices comply with relevant regulations and standards, such as those related to data privacy and security. Permissions can be set by the Adminsitrator to ensure identifying information will only be available to specified personal.

Graphical repository builder

Easily design your repository using the drag and drop tools to match your actual repository. Then when your done import your sample data using the step by step wizard.

Simple Dynamic Reporting

Easily generate real-time reports of your stored samples showing sample availability, location and other key metrics, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your biobanking operations efficiency and productivity

Track Aliquots Movement

Aliquot tracking enables accurate tracking and traceability of the biobank samples, regardless of type.

API Integration

BiobanQ integrates seamlessly with external systems like LIMS, LIS, temperature control systems and more… It allows for efficient data transfer, reducing the risk of errors, and eliminating manual data entry. The API integration is fully customizable, ensuring compatibility and reliability with a wide range of external systems.

Further Information

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