Scaffold software can be built into your proteomics pipeline using its command-line interface (CLI), while maintaining ease and convenience of interpretation that have made Scaffold the industry standard.

Run Multiple Jobs at the Same Time
Multiple instances of Scaffold may be run at the same time on the same computer with a single license.

Easily Create and Run Batch Jobs with the Scaffold Wizard
Create parameter files and run jobs through the Scaffold GUI. With the Scaffold Wizard, it is as easy as filling out a form. No editing of XML files; no programming experience required.

• More efficient processing for large data sets
• Run in the background to free your computer for other tasks
• Save results as SF3 files, then analyze with the Scaffold
• Share results through the Scaffold free Viewer

FREE Evaluation

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Further Information

See Downloadable Resources for further technical information or visit Proteome Software Documentation.

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