Data Independent Acquisition (DIA)

Data-Independent Analysis (DIA) Proteomics experiments enable deeper proteome coverage, more robust quantitation and reproducible analysis.

In a DIA analysis, all peptides within a defined mass-to-charge (m/z) window are subjected to fragmentation; the analysis is repeated as the mass spectrometer marches up the full m/z range. This results in accurate peptide quantification without being limited to profiling predefined peptides of interest.

Scaffold DIA has a simple workflow for the quantitation of proteins that makes loading and analysing DIA data easy.

Scaffold DIA Intuitive Graphical User Interface enables:

  • Search against FASTA, DIA chromatogram library, BLIB, TraML, or SPTEXT files
  • No need for RT calibration peptides
  • Flexible organization of complex experiments for analysis
  • Delve Into Biological Significance with Gene Ontology to help assess the biological meaning of results ( pie charts and cluster charts)
  • Built-In Statistical Analysis Including PCA
  • Share data with colleagues using Scaffold free Viewer
  • Numerous Excel-formatted data exports and publication-quality images
  • Share data using the free Scaffold DIA Viewer, Excel-formatted exports, and publication-quality images
  • Command Line Interface to automate your DIA experiments
Scaffold DIA sample view

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