An intuitive software for visualizing & validating DDA MS/MS protein identification data from any mass spectrometer.

Scaffold shows the proteins discovered in a tandem mass spectrometry experiment in a comprehensive, experiment-wide manner. You can see which proteins are differentially expressed by comparing all of the samples side by side. The number of proteins and the amount of confidence in each identification are given as probability scores, allowing you to balance the quantity of proteins and the level of confidence in each identification. Protein annotation software assists in determining the biological relevance of data.

Identify proteins from MS/MS data by validating search engine results. Scaffold uses proven statistical algorithms of the Trans Proteomic pipeline (PeptideProphet and ProteinProphet) to calculate the probability that proteins are actually in your biological samples. Detailed results help detect false positives by focusing on a protein of interest, examining the peptide & spectra evidence supporting the identification.

With its free viewer, Scaffold makes it easy to share experimental results with colleagues. Scaffold also helps you prepare for publication, by capturing the information proteomics journals require in a paper’s methods section.

Features include:

  • Comparing samples to identify biological relevance.
  • Identifying regulated isoforms and protein PTMs.
  • Ability to drill down into spectrum details and counts.
  • Identifying proteins intuitively and confidently.
  • Creating comprehensive lists of target proteins.
  • Classifying proteins by molecular function or organelle.
  • Harnessing high through-put batch processing.
  • Command Line Interface to automate your DIA experiments.
Scaffold Protein View

Data formats supported include :-
Data formats for SEQUEST® = *.dta and *.out, *.ms2 and *.sqt, and *.srf; Mascot® = *.dat; X! Tandem® = *.xml; Phenyx = *.scaffold-pidres.xml; OMSS = *.omx; Waters® IdentityE = *.xml (Note: These files must be created from our plugin in the new version of Waters PLGS); Proteome Discoverer = *.msf

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