Elements for Metabolomics

Flexible analysis of Metabolomics experiments




Elements employs parallel processing to efficiently analyze hundreds of MS samples with or without MS2 spectra. Metabolites are identified using multidimensional search and scoring algorithms.

Select a level of summarization and create filtered, interactive heat maps. Analyze complex experiments by using metadata to flexibly categorize your samples. Organize and re-organize data for fast visualization and quantitative analyses. Test for differential expression and calculate fold changes between samples and categories based on signal intensity.

This software package enables Users to perform the following:

  • Identify metabolites with confidence.
  • Drill down and interrogate results.
  • Track metabolite differentiation across samples.
  • Access rich reference data from third party applications.
  • Search NIST, HMDB and custom libraries.
  • Share data and collaborate with the Free Viewer.
  • Process data from several vendor instruments.

Further Information

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