Protein Analysis

Leading edge analytics for mass spectrometry

Software4Labs have been working with Proteome software for over 10 years to provide Mass Spectrometry analysis tools for the identification, quantitation and phosporylation sites of proteins. Proteome Software is committed to setting the industry standard Protein MS/MS software analysis.

Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteomes. A proteome is a set of proteins produced in an organism, system, or biological context. We may refer to, for instance, the proteome of a species (for example, Homo sapiens) or an organ (for example, the liver). The proteome is not constant; it differs from cell to cell and changes over time.

Quickly visualize and validate MS/MS protein search results.

Q+S & Quant: iTRAQ, TMT & SILAC labeled, as well as unlableled quantitation.
DIA: Data Independent Aquisition.

Phosphorylation sites
PTM: Confident Post Translational Modification (PTM) site assignment.

Automation: Scaffold can be written into your analysis pipelines using its command-line interface.